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Passionate long-time barbershop owner. He co-opened his barbershop 15 years ago, and have been giving out men’s hairstyle advice for free on this blog since 2014. Lives and breathes hair trends with a passion.

3 Mens Hairstyles For Trendy Hair

If you want cool hair, then you must try these 3 trendy mens hairstyles!

As a hairdresser who specializes in men’s hair, I get a lot of questions from male customers on what are the coolest men’s hairstyles they can try. So, in this article, I would like to give you my opinion on the three hairstyles for men that you surely want to consider in 2014 so as to look your best and regardless of hair type!
Please be aware that this is a post contributed by hairdresser Janice from Curls & Locks Salon.

Undercut with slicked back hair

The undercut is a haircut that most people would recognize from Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire. This haircut has been trending for over a year now, but what makes the undercut special in 2014 is slicking back the hair on the top as opposed to the messier top that was trendy in 2013. A slick back on the top of an undercut, or, as we hairdressers call it, a slicked back undercut, is a great hairstyle that is very easy for you to do (since you just slick the hair back with pomade and a comb) and it’s also a great hairstyle that we hairdressers can cut easily. Just because of how popular it is, I have lost count of the many undercuts I have given to my clients in the last month alone!


High and tight haircut

The high and tight haircut is a military haircut that is as convenient and sharp as a men’s haircut can possibly get. The high and tight is actually very similar to the undercut, only that, in the high and tight, you will have a short haircut meaning that the hair shorter on the top of the head. Getting a high and tight in a hair salon or barbershop is very easy and I can clip a high and tight in less than ten minutes since all we hairdressers need is a good hair clipper to cut the hair in a high and tight!

A military marine with a trendy high and tight haircut
A rugby player with cool long hair

Long hair

Long hair is no longer thought of a hairstyle just for heavy metal fans and old hippie dudes! Celebrities like Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix have completely rehashed the image of long hair in Hollywood, and I get a lot of clients at our salon asking how to grow their hair long! I highly recommend you to experiment with growing your hair long as the experience itself will help you in understanding your mane better. Just take into account that hair grows about half an inch per month and that you should be informing your hairdresser of your “long hair” goal so that you can then get the best tailored advice on growing those locks of yours!

So there, visit your favorite hairdresser and spice up your look with one of the three men’s hairstyles above; you are bound to stand out regardless of the occasion!

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