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Jake N

Passionate long-time barbershop owner. He co-opened his barbershop 15 years ago, and have been giving out men’s hairstyle advice for free on this blog since 2014. Lives and breathes hair trends with a passion.

The Classic look of the Businessman Haircut and Hair Style

The Businessman haircut and hair style is a conservative look that revolves around a smooth tapered haircut and a side part hair style. If you want to emulate this hairstyle and look, simply go to the barber and tell him to give you a Businessman haircut he will cut everything right so that all you need is to style it by parting your hair to the side.

The Businessman haircut is also known as a Businessman’s haircut, a Businessman Cut, a Conservative Cuta Classic haircut or a Professional Haircut or Cut; if you want the Businessman hairstyle, then simply swap haircut or cut for hairstyle when asking your barber. As of 2013, the Businessman look still trends strong as it is the most-accepted haircut and hairstyle in an office setting.

Hair Length Category

  • Short

hair type

  • Straight hair
  • Wavy hair

Haircut difficulty

  • 3 out of 5

Styling the Businessman Hair and Look

The hair on the top of the head is parted to the side, with the line for the part starting at either the left or right temple (whichever you prefer). A small fringe can be left hovering the forehead or the hair can be combed perpendicularly to the parting line. Alternatively, the hair can be slicked back.

Pomade, hair gel and hair mousse are 3 hairstyling products that work good to style the hair in the Businessman hairstyle: choose pomade and hair mousse if you part the hair to the side and choose hair gel if you slick the hair back.

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