Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ — Most frequent questions and answers

Of Course! We have a team of barbers looking forward to helping you with the haircut you need to get back to your day. Stop into the barbershop and we’ll get you set up with a barber as soon as one opens up. While you wait, enjoy a complimentary beer, wine or water in our lounge with comfortable sofas and flatscreen tvs.ccount is cancelled.

Please check our services in the pricing page, where we list out individual services and pricing.

We support clients to operate the bill themselves so that everyone can have some discretion around how much they can afford, and we trust clients to be fair and honest in the process. We have not experienced any problems working this way which is wonderful!

  • You can contact us by email, text message, phone or visit in person to speak to a member of our team. Your first point of contact might be your stylist or Greygory Vass, Director.
  • You can post feedback on Google Reviews or social media sites (we use Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.)

  • We request 24 hours notice for appointments up to 90 minutes, and 48 hours for appointments longer than 90 minutes.
  • With 24 / 48 hours notice, you can cancel or move your appointment by clicking on the link on your original booking confirmation email and text message.
  • For cancellations less than 24 / 48 hours in advance that we are unable to fill, we email clients kindly requesting a donation to cover our losses.
  • Due to high demand, we highly recommend booking an appointment before coming
  • To make a booking please click the ‘Book An Appointment’ button at the top of the page.